Dongguan welder was crushed to death by containers, the face of the deceased deformed

18 Feb, 2011

On the night of 16th February, 2011, there was an industrial accident occurred in Maersk Container Industry Dongguan (MCID). A welder accidentally fell down at work and then was crushed by container. He was dead immediately. The day after, Labor Bureau and Safety Department of Ma Chong Town started an investigation. The plant has been asked to stop production since then.

According to a factory worker, Mr. Liu, the dead worker called Chen, aged about 20 something years old. Liu was working with Chen at the welding optometry OK station of MCID. Chen was in class B who was on duty that night. At about 10:20 pm, Chen fell from 2 meter high container and was immediately crushed by the base of a container. He died on spot.

(From here, a short paragraph is not translated.)

A worker said, the production orders increased a lot after the Chinese New Year Holiday. In order to meet the lead time, it is possible that the operating speed and tempo were increased. This shows the management went wrong and that leads to the accident. After that, the management told us, “Something goes wrong, no need to go to work!”

Afterwards, the Nanfang Daily reporter saw a “follow up notice” posted outside the factory gate. The notice says the government investigation is going on; the factory will suspend night shift production on Feb 17 and the day shift on Feb 18.

(Latest news from GM: MCID put a new notice everyday informing workers to stand by and they need to go back to work once the plant resumes production. (23-2-2011)

The day after, the reporter got confirmation from a security guard that there was an industrial accident occurred on the night of Feb 16 and the plant was suspended on Feb 17. Subsequently, Maersk also responded, the company sent the worker to a nearby hospital immediately after the incident but in vain, the worker died eventually.

At present, the local authority is investigating the specific reasons for the accident, and a conclusion will be made then.

Translated from Chinese news by GM on 230211:

东莞电焊工被集装箱压死 死者的脸已变形