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China Labor Net is now ready for access:

The aim of this website is to facilitate sharing of information, experiences and opinion of the labour movement between China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and the rest of the world. We will regularly upload articles on the workers’ movement, political economy, cultural thinking and monitoring of corporations from this region and from other areas.

We have posted the following articles to the website:

May Day Rally March: For Livelihood; Oppose Exploitation; Fight Tsunami

Realities of China today

Martin Hart-Landsberg is Professor of Economics and Director of the Political Economy Program at Lewis and Clark College, Portland, Oregon

Many on the left also believe that China may soon be capable of anchoring an alternative international economic system, thereby offering other countries the opportunity to reduce their dependence on the current U.S. dominated system and pursue their own independent development strategies. Unfortunately, as argued below, there is no justification for this positive perspective on the Chinese experience……
Conditions of the Working Classes in China

Robert Weil

Monthly Review 2006 June Volume 58, Number 2

This article is based primarily on a series of meetings with workers, peasants, organizers, and leftist activists that I participated in during the summer of 2004, together with Alex Day and another student
of Chinese affairs. It is part of a longer paper that is being published as a special report by the Oakland Institute…….

You can also access many other articles posted in the website as well. Since the work has just begun please aware that there are still columns which are under construction.

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