[Activity Adds] No Nukes Dreamers Film Festival


No Nukes Dreamers Film Festival

主辦:反核之眾 Hong Kong People Against Nukes
費用全免 Free Admission
地點:塔冷通心靈書舍 Talentum Bookshop
Rm 6, 1/F, 20 Waterloo Road, Yaumatei (Exit B2, Yaumatei Train Station)
電話:2782 2027

內容 Programme

7月15日 (星期五) July 15 (Friday)

* 7:15-8:06pm 核電爭議 Nuclear Controversies, 2004, 51min,

中文字幕 w/Chinese subtitles, 導演 Dir:Wladimir Tchertkoff

有關1986年切爾諾貝爾核災對人類健康的影響-誰是「專家」? On the health effects of the 1986 Chernobyl accident - what is "scientific expertise"?

* 8:10 - 9:15 pm 討論:核電謊言與「專家」知識
Discussion: How nuclear lies are made and made possible

7月16日 (星期六) July 16 (Saturday)

* 1:30-3:04pm 畸愛博士,或:我如何學習終止憂慮及愛上核彈 Dr. Strangelove, Or: How I Learnt To Stop Worrying And Love The Bomb, 1964, 94min,

中文字幕 w/Chinese subtitles, 導演Dir:Stanley Kubrick

一九六零年代諷刺超級大國玩核經典電影 A classics satire on the superpowers' playing with nukes

* 3:10-5:21pm 絲活的故事 Silkwood, 1983, 131min,

w/ English subtitles, 導演:Mike Nichols

根據真人真事改編,核燃料廠工會成員絲活揭露廠方違反安全守則而引發的奪命下場 A film on the nuclear fuel plantworker Silkwood

* 6:10-6:34pm 犧牲 The Sacrifice, 2003, 24min,

w/ English subtitles, 導演Dir:Wladimir Tchertkoff

關於切爾諾貝爾的「清理」工人 About the liquidators at Chernobyl

* 6:35-7:09pm 表層之下 Under the Surface, 2011, 34min,

w/ English subtitles, 導演 Dir:Sager Klara

瑞典山區尋找鈾礦的不義之舉 A suggestive account of the hunt for uranium in the Swedish mountains

* 7:15-8:15pm 討論:核戰與核電 - 「東西陣營」的年代及有權與無權的差異
Discussion: Nuclear war and nuclear power plants - "East" and "West", the "Haves" and "Have Nots"